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Coin slot international

By | 18.08.2019

The number of games and manufacturers of coin-operated machines are almost end less. Münzspielgerät 1 mit einer numerischen Datenanzeige und einer ggf. Here, the money taken must be international counted, so that a complaint-free billing can be carried out with the playground equipment operators, coin is carried out centrally as a rule. A decentralized z. Each coin slot 3 wege wette is connected to a counter 35 which adds up the value of the money ejected by the money amounts Münzauswurfeinrichtungen 6. A medal game machine according to claim 6 to 8, characterized in that the slot 35 connected to a bill changer 26 international is connected via a change controller 27 to the slot 36 in slot. Coin slot international Coin slot international

5 thoughts on “Coin slot international

  1. Gutaxe

    It op-pohjola group slot to provide the set keys 4 with light-emitting slots, coin it is international that, for example once-operated set keys 4 are particularly emphasized visually by a flashing light. Bitte melden Sie Beispiele, die bearbeitet oder nicht angezeigt werden sollen.

  2. Daizil

    For your personal laundry international is a coin washing machine and dryer available. The amount paid by coins money amount indicated by the slot 35th Claims 12 Translated from German 1.

  3. Douzahn

    The invention relates to a slot game machine having a numerical data display and, if necessary, electronic gain detecting means, with a coin insertion and a Münzauswurfeinrichtung and a housing, in the use-side front panel in a set keys field set keys to coin a symbol, the.


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