Research-project of the Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule Münster (PTH) in cooperation with the Institut M.-Dominique Chenu-Espaces Berlin (IMDC)

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In the year 2009 the Northwest-European Capuchin Conference (CENOC)
organized a symposium in Madrid about the subject of ‘secularization’. After this successful conference the PTH and the IMDC developed a two year research program which explicitly deals with the question of religious life and pastoral work within the world and terms of secularization on different levels.
The symposium is understood to be the highlight and at the same time the
end of this two-year-program.

The symposium basically will be divided into two categories:
On the one side it is important to have a look at the sociological, social-scientific and theological basics and implications of the difficult term ‘secularization’. On the other side the emphasis will be laid on the Franciscan theology and spirituality as well as on a theology of the Mendicants. What are the challenges of an analysis of the phenomenon and the so different experiences regarding secularization for a Franciscan theology? Where can you bring out the focal points in the pastoral work from the position of a Franciscan approach? How? Among others issues an empirical study research program will be presented in which all the members of the Mendicant orders in the German speaking countries were involved over the period of one year, with the question: What is the understanding of world which undergrounds religious life and pastoral work today?
What are the consequences?

++ Individualization and pluralism
++ Detraditionalization
++ Longing and Searching
++ Root-/Homelessness and Identity
++ Poverty and Minority
++ Community and the Individual
++ Dialogue and Language
++ World and ‘Being-With’
++ Pastoral Challenges for the Franciscan Family and the Mendicants
++ Church, Religious Life and Change/Transformation
++ …

Way of working
The work will be methodically diversified:
Lectures and plenary discussions, panel discussions, thematic workshops
and excursions; the languages of the symposium will be German and English (with translations).

The symposium will take place from July 1st, 2013 until July,5th 2013
(begin: Monday 6pm; end: Friday with breakfast) in the Bildungshaus der
Erzdiözese München / Freising in Freising. Invited are the Religious from the
Franciscan Family and the Mendicants, people interested in the subject of
secularization and theology of religious life.
We do expect around 100 participants. The expenses per person for the
participation will be around 300,- Euro.

Until March 14th 2013, to:
Thomas Dienberg OFMCap
President of the PTH, Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule
Hohenzollernring 60, D-48145 Münster
Fon +49 251 4825-0

++ Willi Anderau OFMCap (Zuerich)
++ Christian Bauer (University of Innsbruck)
++ Andreas Brands OFM (Berlin)
++ José Casanova (Georgetown University, Washington DC)
++ Bischof John Corriveau OFMCap (Nelson/Kanada)
++ Alessandro Cortesi OP (Centro Giorgio La Pira, Pistoia)
++ Thomas Dienberg OFMCap (PTH Münster)
++ Michael N. Ebertz (Katholische Hochschule, Freiburg i. Br.)
++ Thomas Eggensperger OP (Institut M.-Dominique Chenu, Berlin/PTH Münster)
++ Ulrich Engel OP (Institut M.-Dominique Chenu, Berlin/PTH Münster)
++ Wayne Hellman OFM (University of St. Louis)
++ Slavica Jakelic (University of Virginia/Charlottesville)
++ Mauro Jöhri OFMCap (Rom/Generalminister)
++ Stefan Knobloch OFMCap (University of Mainz /Passau)
++ Bernhard Kohl OP (Institut M.-Dominique Chenu, Berlin)
++ Martina Kreidler-Kos (PTH Münster)
++ Martin Lisak OP (University of Rzeszow, Collegium Philosphicum-Theologicum Provinciae Poloniae Ordinis Preadicatorum /Krakau)
++ Dominic Monti OFM (New York)
++ Joseph Nuzzi (New York)
++ Michael Plattig OCarm (PTH Münster)
++ Francesca Restifo (Franciscans International, Genf)
++ Lucia Segler (Katholische Hochschule, Freiburg i. Br.)
++ Aurelia Spendel OP (Augsburg)